30th November Draw Entry Lists

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Entry lists for the 30th November 2020 8.10PM live draw for:

Draw numbers for the larger prizes start at 2001.

This is so people who buy the same numbers on every prize where they can choose their own numbers don’t have their lucky numbers allocated to someone else. 




Numbers on the Audi Q2 competition run from 2001 – 4999

A total of 2999 tickets. 




Numbers on the Dan Linfoot BSB Superbike competition run from 2001 – 4999

A total of 2999 tickets. 




Numbers on the Mercedes A45 AMG competition run from 2001 – 5999

A total of 3999 tickets. 




Numbers on the Mercedes C220 Coupe competition run from 2001 – 6999

A total of 4999 tickets. 




Numbers on the Porsche Cayman competition run from 2001 – 6999

A total of 4999 tickets. 




Numbers on the Mercedes C63 Estate competition run from 2001 – 6999

A total of 4999 tickets. 




Numbers on the Black Hawk Jeep Wrangler competition run from 2001 – 8999

A total of 6999 tickets. 



Lists will be clickable when live.


£1000 Bonus Cash Draw for early Porsche Cayman Purchasers

You’re in this draw if you bought Porsche Cayman tickets by Midnight Saturday 28th November 

Numbers run from 10,001 to 12,500 – Google Number Generator Draw

£1000 Bonus Cash Draw Porsche Cayman Numbers



Entry lists for are ordered alphabetically on the randomly allocated number lists so it is easy to scroll and find your name.

However it is very easy and quick to search.

Every phone, laptop or computer has a built in search function.

Search by name or order number to quickly find your number/s.


PC/Windows: Press Ctrl+F key

MAC: Press CMD+F key


  • Open the entry list in Safari.
  • Tap the address bar at the top of the screen
  • Start typing your name/order number (don’t press GO)
  • At the bottom of the screen it will say “In This Document”
  • Tap Find
  • You can scroll through the results. Easy!


  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.
  • Open the entry list.
  • Tap More. Find in page.
  • Type your name/order number.
  • Tap Search
  • Results are highlighted & you can scroll through.


  • 1) Head on over to our Facebook page at 8:10PM. 
  • 2) Scroll down on the news feed
  • 3) Click the LIVE video to watch and leave comments to enter web credit draw.

If you don’t see a live video, refresh the page and if just after 8pm we should be live. 

Good luck!