How It Works – The Rev Comps Way

With at least 20 vehicles and 100s of smaller prize winners every week …

Our fixed odd competitions are a fantastic way for you to have a chance at winning a car, bike, van, motorhome, camper, watch and more.

LIVE draw prizes are drawn live on Facebook every Monday/Thursday from 8:10PM

AUTO draw prizes are drawn using our random draw algorithm, 24/7 as soon as sold out OR on the guaranteed draw date/time shown on the prize page.

All prizes have a guaranteed draw date and winner regardless of ticket sell out.

Every Monday/Thursday we give away £4000 worth of Rev Comps credit – you get entry to these draws just by buying tickets on our prizes. 400 customers win £10 credit every Monday and Thursday in these bonus draws.

You’ll get free entry to a “Visitors” weekly draw just by visiting the website. If you’ve created an account and are logged into the website, your visit will be tracked and you’ll be allocated a free ticket to this bonus draw every day you visit. 100 customers win £10 credit every Tuesday.

Set your birthday up within the account section and you’ll go into our Monthly £1000 cash birthday draw.

On the 1st of every month we run a free draw for those born in the previous month.

1st Prize: £1000 cash

100 x £10 credit runner ups

Delivery is FREE nationwide including to Ireland, Shetlands, Orkney and other remote areas. 

We also give £1000 to charity every week – you can suggest charities to go into the draw here.

PS. We never discount prizes in the last hours before a competition is due to end. You will only get discount on live draw prizes during the early bird period and free entry to extra bonus draws when you enter early.

We reward those who enter early – we have never discounted a prize after the early bird period and never send out discount codes in the final hours.

Step 1 – Choose a Prize

Pick which competition you’d like to enter from our current live and auto draw prizes.

Step 2 – Buy Your Tickets

Select how many tickets you’d like.
You’ll receive ticket numbers shortly after purchasing.

Step 3 – Complete Payment

Make payment through our secure gateway. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Tickets are processed shortly after ordering. You’ll receive numbers by email and they’ll be available in your account to view.

Step 4 – Wait For Draw

All prizes are drawn on the guaranteed draw date shown on the prize page regardless of if all tickets are sold.

Prizes will be drawn on an earlier live draw if they sell out quickly.

LIVE draws are drawn using our state of the art random lottery ball machines.

These draws are streamed LIVE for you to watch on Facebook every Monday and Thursday at 8:10PM.

You can find all previous live draws either by clicking through the RESULTS page or by going to Facebook

The winner will be called during the draw to let them know they’ve won (the phone calls make for great viewing!) and after the draw to organise delivery of their prize.

AUTO draws are drawn as soon as sold out or on the draw date/time shown using our random draw algorithm.

Auto draw winners will receive an email and text message as soon as the draw has taken place with next steps to sort delivery of their prize.

All entrants will receive an email informing them of the winners whether drawn live or auto.