How do I know if this is real?

We’re one of the UK’s largest competition companies with 100s of winners every week for both large and smaller prizes.

Rev Corp Ltd (# 11981806) was formed in May 2019 and since then we have had winners all over the UK and Ireland. 10s of 1000s of previous winners can be found on our winners pages.

Founders – Pete and Robbie Savage have a combined 50+ years of experience in online and physical retailing.

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram where you’ll find live videos showing off the prizes and a thriving community of Rev Heads getting involved.

What happens if you don't sell all the tickets?

We invented the “Guaranteed Draw” format.

Every prize listed on Rev Comps gets drawn regardless of ticket sell out on the draw date shown on the prize page.

We run live draws every Monday & Thursday at 8:10PM LIVE on Facebook.

Auto draw prizes are drawn using our random algorithm as soon as sold out or on the draw date/time shown.

Guaranteeing draws keeps the flow of prizes coming and every prize is drawn on the set draw date or sooner.

Good luck!

How many tickets can I buy?

The number of tickets each individual can hold is displayed on the prize page.

Maximum tickets varies with the number of total tickets available.

There is a max limit of 10 tickets per person across all prizes, with some lower odds prizes having a lower limit – you can see the max limit for lower odds prizes on the prize page.

How is the winner chosen?

Live draw prizes are drawn using our high end ball machines.

These are the same machines as used globally for lotteries and in casinos.

Air driven, each chamber pushes the balls around to mix, after a short period of time the selection begins chamber by chamber until the number is chosen.

This ensures a completely random draw.

Our machines can handle anywhere from 9 ticket numbers up to 99,999.

The winning number is displayed on a screen with microchip scanners scanning the RFID chip inside each ball to display the number for viewers to see.

The camera person then comes in with the camera to scan across the chosen balls for a close up, physical view of the winning numbers.

Winners are called live during the draw and the phone calls are often very entertaining.

We like to think our live draws are the best in the business … whilst light hearted and fun, they’re run with a professional nature ensuring the viewer can see what is going on at all times.

Auto draw prizes are drawn using our random winner selection algorithm which works in the same way as Google Random Number Generator (for example). The system enters all of the sold ticket numbers, then runs and selects a winning ticket number. The winner of this type of draw will receive an automatic text/email to inform them of their win with details of the next steps to have their prize delivered.

All entrants – whether live draw or auto draw will receive an email after the draw informing them of who won.

Where are you based - how do I get my prize?

We’re based in Devon in a town called Paignton. We offer free nationwide delivery to the winner or the prize can be collected.

We have delivered prizes over to Northern Ireland, The Shetland and Orkney islands and everywhere in between.

If you opt to collect the prize then we will offer you fuel/train money and fill the vehicle up with fuel to get you home.

Or you can wait for the wagon to arrive typically within a week or less of the prize being won.

Smaller prizes (watches etc) are delivered by post.

Gift cards and other digital prizes are delivered by email/text.

Credit winners have their wallets updated with the credit then available to spend on the website.

Do I need Facebook to take part?

No. We use Facebook as a platform to stream our live draws and have a laugh along the way with our audience. We’d love you to join us on our page but we understand that not everyone has Facebook or wants to use it.

Live draw replays are available immediately to watch back on Facebook and the results will be published shortly after the draw on the website with links to the draw replay and an embedded video for Non-Facebook users to watch and enjoy.

So no, you don’t need Facebook to participate and you’re not at a disadvantage if you don’t have it.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards through our secure payment platform provided by

When using an Apple device you can use Apple Pay.

Google Pay will show for Android users.

Do I have to pose for a winners photo?

Whilst we encourage winners to have a photo taken alongside their prize – we cannot force you to do it.

Some winners are happy to have a photo taken as long as it isn’t posted on social media, others prefer not to be photo’d/video’d at all.

Vehicles will be delivered by our delivery team (or you can collect) and they will take your photo if you consent.

Auto draw prizes are typically delivered by postal service and as a result it is up to you whether you want to send a photo of you holding the prize or not.

Why don't you do discount codes?

We reward early entrants with discount and extra bonus draws on live draw prizes.

Tickets for vehicles/other live draw prizes will always be the cheapest during the early bird period.

Once this passes the tickets go up to full price and we will not discount them again – either manually or through the use of discount codes.

You may play on other sites that send out massive discount towards the end of a competition to get you to play – for us this leaves a foul taste in the mouths of those who have paid full price or a different price earlier on in the competition.

We look after our early birds with the best prices and free entries to bonus draws for Rev Comps credit when they enter early.

We have never and will never use discount codes to sell the final tickets.

Working this way also keeps our odds and prices down as other sites will front load the competition with a ridiculous mark up, to then offer 50-75% discount at the end. It’s far better to just keep the price and odds reasonable in the first place rather than relying on flash sales to encourage purchases.

Can I play if I live in Ireland?

Yes you can play if you live in the Republic of Ireland.

Delivery of prizes is free for everyone.

If you win a vehicle you will have to register it in Ireland. This will incur VRT and import tax on the value of the prize.

In some cases we will happily offer a cash alternative to Irish winners where the tax is too steep and sell the prize for them in the UK – transferring the cash instead of delivering the vehicle.

Can I sell my prize if I win?


Once you’re chosen as the winner you are free to do what you like with the prize after taking delivery.

Many vehicle winners often opt to sell after winning, including some who’d prefer to sell rather than take delivery of the prize.

In these cases we recommend several dealerships that we purchase prizes from who will offer a competitive value for the prize.

We occasionally get trolled online by customers who have seen prizes for sale at the dealerships we buy from. The winner has simply sold their prize to them and in turn received more than they would from the likes of We Buy Any Car for example.

If you decide to sell your prize we can provide an email confirming ownership of the vehicle which can then be used to sell your prize to We Buy Any Car, Motorway etc.

This is a requirement for trade in websites who need proof you own the vehicle (more than just having the logbook) and means you can sell the prize immediately if that’s what you’d like to do.

Do you do free draws?


Every Monday and Thursday we run a free £4000 Rev Comps credit draw for those who’ve entered any prize from Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Sunday.

400 x £10 Rev Comps credit are given away in these two free draws.

Every Friday we run “Freebie Friday” where you can grab a free ticket on the website – the main prizes change every week with 100 of you winning £10 runners up credit as well.

There are countless free giveaways on social media where you can comment and get involved. £1000s in Rev Comps credit is given away every week in this way.

There is a free £1000 a week credit draw on a Tuesday – the “Visitors Draw” – all you have to do is make an account and visit the site each day, you will get one free ticket each day you visit (up to a max of 7) and be entered into that Tuesday draw. 100 x £10 credit winners.

Every month we run a “Birthday Draw” with the main prize being £1000 cash and 100 x £10 credit runner ups.

Set your birth date within the account section.

If you’re born in January then you’re entered into a free draw on the 1st of February for the above and so on.

Other free draws for credit and other prizes are added randomly as we see fit.

Can you win more than once?


The outcome of a draw is random.

Whether you’ve never won or have won multiple times in the past – you have the same chance as anyone else to win with each ticket purchased on any competition.

Over the years we have had 100s of multiple winners of both small and larger prizes.

Some people get annoyed when people win more than once, however if they’ve played and paid their entry they have the same opportunity to win as anyone who hasn’t won before.

Do I have to buy max tickets to win?


The majority of players buy 1-2 tickets on a prize. This is what would be deemed a “normal” amount of tickets to have on a competition.

As a result – the majority of winners win with 1 or 2 tickets.

Yes people do win who have bought the max or more than 1-2 tickets but there is only one ticket that wins.

Holding more tickets will increase your chance of winning, however there is no magic formula to winning – it is a random draw from the numbers available and one ticket is drawn as the winner.

Play how you feel comfortable.

Where can I find my ticket numbers?

Upon entry to a competition you will receive an email confirming your order followed by an email with your ticket numbers.

Please ensure you’ve entered your email address correctly – whilst you will still be in the draw if your email is wrong … it saves you panicking, dropping us an angry message to say you’ve not received your tickets … only for reason to be you’ve entered your email incorrectly.

Ticket numbers are also available almost instantly after purchasing from within your account section.

You can also view the public entry lists for each prize to see both yours and other entrants numbers in that draw.

Entry lists are here.

Account section is here.

I've not won anything - is this a scam?


1000s of people all over the UK and Ireland win every month on both big and smaller prizes.

You could play every draw for a year and never win, or you could buy one ticket and win on your first go. How many competitions you’ve played also has no bearing on the outcome. In theory you could play 10 competitions and win all of them if your numbers come in, or you could play 10 competitions and win nothing.

It is luck of the draw.

Our competitions have a fixed number of tickets available and the draw is random whether live or auto.

If you’ve not won then unfortunately luck hasn’t been on your side, however you had the same chance of winning as anyone else in that competition who played and the same chance as the winner.

If the fun has stopped – stop.