The year’s 2019.

Pete (co-founder of Rev Comps) stumbles across a post on Facebook about winning a Kawasaki motorbike and decides to investigate.

One £13 “take a punt” raffle ticket later, he shares the post with friends and goes about his day.

Fast forward a couple weeks and the phone call comes in:

“Pete, you’ve WON the Kawasaki!”

Jubilation takes over, a tear is shed, Pete’s never won anything in his life (apart from winning at life 3 times over when his kids were born)!

He can hardly speak to the woman in the McDonald’s drive through as reality sinks in that he’s actually won.

That feeling of winning would stick with him for weeks, the adrenaline similar to that of his racing days steaming round Snetterton on the team’s Honda CB750.

Being a petrol head himself and still an avid biker, Pete decided he wanted to share this feeling with others.

So with the help of his son Robbie …

Rev Comps was born.


Since launching in May 2019 we have quickly become one of the largest companies in the UK competition industry.

With a growing fanbase on Facebook and run by a team with years of knowledge in online marketing and growing businesses, Rev Comps has evolved into a solid competition company selling out of prizes quickly and holding multiple live draws each week with winners all over the UK.

Spreading happiness through giving stuff away. Smiles all round.

Combine that with charitable donations to notable causes and you’ve got a company that’s out to do good for all involved.

We’re a UK based limited company with strong core values and over 50 years combined experience in dealing with the public through retail and online sales.

We REV it. You WIN it.