New Website Coming 11th March – FAQ’s


Rev Comps … where’s all the new prizes??

We’re gearing up to switch website platform starting Wednesday 10th March with completion sometime on Thursday 11th March. 

As such we need all current prizes to end before doing so, hence the lack of new launches this week. 

When will new prizes launch then? 

Once Wednesday’s 10th March draw is out of the way and the winners drawn, we’ll start the switch process to the new platform. Without talking technical nonsense this can take several hours before the new platform shows over the current one for all customers. 

New prizes will launch on Thursday evening, giving the systems time to make the switch and ensure that everyone can see the new website and platform at the same time. 

Why are you changing your website platform?

There are many features we’d love to have on our current platform that physically aren’t possible. 

The new platform will give us much improved functionality and make our competitions better for both you and us. 

A faster site, instant number allocation, pick your own number on all prizes, wallet system, automatic and searchable entry lists as tickets are sold + tonnes more. 

We’ve taken the feedback from our users and created something that, whilst looks very similar, functions in a much better way.

What happens to our existing Rev Comps accounts? 

We’ll be transferring all user accounts to the new platform and you’ll get an email to make a new password on the new site. 

What about my Revvies points I’ve been saving?

Points balances will be captured after Wednesday’s draw once ticket sales have closed. Points will be transferred to the new website and converted into Revvies Cash – doing away with points and the need to convert them into discount codes in order to be used. On the new site you will have a cash balance on the website instead of points (the values will stay the same) so you’ll earn cash to spend on the website in the same way you did with points. 

Cash for reviews, cash for visiting the website each day, cash for referring friends and so on. 

You can then use this cash instantly as if it’s real money when entering and paying for competitions. 

Will the site look the same? I don’t like change!

Yes. Apart from a few visual tweaks the site will look essentially the same. It’s the backend systems and inner workings that will make the experience better for everyone. 

It’ll still be simple to look at and use with minimal differences to the current site. 

Will the new site give me better luck and make me win? 

No 🙂 That’s down to the luck of the draw but nice try 😉 

Will I be able to store my payment details and use Apple/Google pay?

Initially no but that will follow very shortly after launch. However you will be able to use auto-fill for payments as is the case now with most Apple/Android phones offering this feature anyway.