Free £4000 Pick What You Want Draw


This Monday 25th January we’re giving one of you a FREE chance to win a £4000 “wheeled prize” of your choice. 

The winner can choose £4,000 worth of car, bike, van, quad bike, push bikes, electric bike/s, first car with insurance, £4k paid towards the finance on their current car, new alloys and bits to pimp their current car, £4k towards a trade in on their car and so on. 

The winner can choose their own vehicle local to them and we’ll pay for it, or if they want a more expensive car we’ll put the £4k towards that. 

If you want a family selection of push bikes to take away the Covid blues then you can pick a load of those. 

As long as it’s got wheels and is vehicle related rather than being just cash then the choice is yours! 



 Simply BUY TICKETS on our normal vehicle and watch prizes.

 You’ll get 1x free pick your own draw entry for every ticket purchased on our main prizes.





£1000 every week will also go to a charity and we’ll take suggestions from you all to form a charity list. A winner will then be picked from that list – crossed off so other’s get a chance the following week.

 Tickets purchased up to MIDNIGHT SUNDAY will be included in this Monday’s draw.

 Tickets bought after midnight on Sunday will go into the following weeks draw. So you’ll always be entered into a bonus draw.

 No further purchase necessary and nothing to claim. Buy a ticket on main prizes and you’re in the tech draw.

 We’ll draw numbers with the highest value prizes going to those first drawn, down to the last numbers receiving the lower value prizes.

 Every week there’ll be different prizes to win in our light hearted Friday draw.

 Any main prize that has sold out before Friday’s draw will also be drawn. So fast selling prizes will be drawn on Friday – everything else drawn on the Monday.

✌️ Some weeks we will run more expensive prizes, surprises and interesting stuff – holidays, driving experiences etc etc.




Good luck!