£500 – Wild Acre Rescue


We donated £500 to Wild Acre Rescue on the 18th February from profits from our Land Rover Defender draw. 

Wild Acre Rescue is fortunate to have volunteers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning over 30 years, in dealing with domestic pets. This has proved very beneficial and successful.

Wild  Acre Rescues Objectives

Our objectives are to promote the welfare of ill-treated, abandoned and homeless animals in the area.  To also provide advice, support and education to the general public in all matters concerning the welfare of domestic pets.

Wild Acre Rescues Aims

Our aim is to take domestic animals into care and restore their faith in human nature so that they are ready to move on to new homes.

What we do

We deal with health and behavioural problems as far as is possible, using our experience for both cats and dogs which, over the years, has proved very successful.

Sometimes it just takes care, understanding, and a little time.

We look to place them with families who understand their individual needs.  This is in the hope that a “FOREVER HOME” is found for every animal passing through our hands.

You can read more about Wild Acre Rescue on their website!