17th September Live Draw Results
TAG Heuer Titanium – #343 – David Maddison – Saltburn
Rolex Datejust 31mm – #0057 – Ben Richards – Ashford
VW Passat Estate – #0133 – Steve Taylor – Nottingham
Triumph Speed Triple – #0807 – Lee Liddon – Bridgend
VW T6 Pop Top Camper – #3820 – Glen Davies – Lightwater
Tonight’s comment draw winners:
£100 Credit Dean Murphy
£100 Credit Ian Gobel
£15 Credit Ady Chapman
£15 Credit Alex Rutherford
£15 Credit Rob Hall
£15 Credit Jason P Lockwood
£15 Credit Alexia Johnson
£15 Credit Phil Heron
£15 Credit Jennifer Black
£15 Credit Conrad O’Dell
£15 Credit Cheryl Larkin
£15 Credit Brant Stark
£15 Credit Kayte Faisal
£15 Credit David Hall
£15 Credit Ian Maynard
£15 Credit Chris Allen
£15 Credit Rick Bridgman
£15 Credit Paul Hampson
£15 Credit Paul Xuereb
£15 Credit Carol Milsom
£15 Credit Shanice Roberts
£15 Credit Paul Kennedy
£180 Credit Helen Pap
£25 Credit John Andy Rig
£255 Credit Mark Ginsberg
£50 Credit Sammy Hampson
Hoodie or shirt Harvey Spinks
Hoodie or shirt Simon Jelley
Hoodie or shirt Simon Rolfe
Hoodie or shirt Jim Elkin
Hoodie or shirt Andy Henshaw
Credit winners – send us a message with your email address used on the website so we can match you to an account.
If your name is different on Facebook to the website let us know why, teachers etc is understandable.
Hoodie/clothing winners – send a message with the size required and your address.
You can choose to have a Polo shirt/T Shirt etc instead if you like.
Well done to all of tonight’s winners and thanks for playing!
Have a great weekend!
Robbie & Pete