£10000 – Warren Higgs Appeal




We raised £10,000 for Warren Higgs to fun a new custom built trike/wheelchair to help him on the road to recovery after life changing kidney removal surgery.

Warren Higgs is a long standing Rev Head, being a part of the Rev Comps community since we launched. 

You’d never know of his struggles from the witty comments on our Facebook page and live draws but it turns out he has a hidden (not so hidden now), ongoing health issue called polycystic kidney disease (PKD) that causes small fluid-filled sacs called cysts to develop in the kidneys.

This has caused his kidneys to balloon over the last 5 years and Warren is preparing to have both kidneys removed after they’ve enlarged to a potentially “record-breaking” size. 

This will mean a life on dialysis but he said his kidneys had grown so large they could kill him.

He told us he’ll be 40KG lighter and be able to breath again after surgery … learning to walk and get about will be top of his list on the road to recovery. As well as getting back into drag racing – a true Rev Head regardless of his struggles! 

Warren has been speaking about his condition on the BBC, Daily Mail, CNN and other big news channels in an attempt to raise funds for an electric recumbent tricycle to use following his operation.

Warren’s inherited condition first became an issue for him at the age of 35 when it caused an aneurysm leading to a debilitating stroke that left him paralysed on his right side.

Windsor Cars and Driven Forward Charity are working together to raise money for Warren on Go Fund Me, he’s a well loved character around Windsor and an important member of our Rev Head community as well. Those who take part in our live draws know the regulars – without all of them and everyone getting involved we wouldn’t have a thriving community so we want to help Warren hit his funding target and get his life back on track with new equipment after surgery.