SOLD OUT - Range Rover Velar P250 HSE

25th January 2020.

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This stunning 2018 (68) plate high spec Range Rover Velar P250 R-Dynamic HSE could be yours for just £13.47!

4747 total tickets available.

This luxury SUV comes with £1000 cash in the boot to help pay towards the winners tax and insurance. 

With a host of extras and low miles this high spec, just over 1 year old, Velar is one of the nicest prizes we've run to date! 

Full details on this stunning prize below. 


1st Prize: 2018 (68) Range Rover Velar + £1000 Cash 

2nd Prize: £500 Tax Free Cash 

3rd Prize: £250 Tax Free Cash 

4th Prize: £125 Tax Free Cash 

5th Prize: £125 Tax Free Cash 


Every ticket purchased gives you 5 chances to win.

This new format enables us to offer much larger prizes with the odds of winning something still relatively good with 5 chances per number! 

If you don't win the Velar then you could win one of 4 runner up cash prizes. 
Buy your tickets and you will be allocated random numbers for each ticket before the draw.
Numbers can be found in the entry list for the draw which will be emailed to you and posted on the website before the draw begins. 



By far and away one of the best looking Range Rover's (or even best looking SUV) on the market, the Velar is one sexy looking bit of kit. 

Similar in size to a Range Rover Sport but with a sloping body, it's the newest shape from Land Rover and boy does it look good! 

Registered in September 2018 this car is less than 18 months old and with just 6611 miles covered it's almost like a brand new car!

With 2 ½ years warranty left and having been sourced from Main Dealer Land Rover, you'll have complete peace of mind this prize is good to go for years to come. 

We've gone for an automatic PETROL model because not only is it pretty quick,  with the new emissions zone laws coming into force around the country the bigger diesels will have a hard time in cities! 

0-62mph is a tasty 6.4 seconds, with a top speed of 135mph which isn't bad in a car of this size and definitely feels quick when you give it some.

The driving modes in this thing are fantastic with selections for various terrain, and if you want a more exciting drive simply stick it in Sport + R-Dynamic mode and the whole car stiffens up, feels more punchy. It's great. 

Outside you've got an R-Dynamic spec body (more aggressive bumpers and styling) with a host of optional extras including 21" gloss black alloys, privacy glass and R Dynamic black pack which give this Velar it's sporty look over lesser spec'd models. 

Keyless entry with pop-out door handles give it a sleek look when driving and it gives the Velar a bit of James Bond style flashiness each and every time they pop out.

The Corris Grey Metallic and contrasting black details give this Velar an almost menacing look ... it looks fantastic. 

Inside you're treated to a cabin that's an absolute joy to be in! 

Light Oyster grey/ebony leather with contrasting black headlining, aluminium console/door detailing and black everything else really set the interior off. 

Luxurious springs to mind. 

Dual centre console 10" colour touch screens control everything about the Velar, whist the Meridian Surround sound system pumps out your favourite tunes. Behind the wheel you've got a digital speedo display, treating your eyes to yet more fancy tech. 

20-way electric front seats not only heat and cool you ... they've got a massage setting as well. Talk about comfort! 

A massive boot gives you plenty of room for activities ... and stuff of course, whilst your passengers will have a comfortable ride with the rear seats having ample room as well. 

This highly spec'd Velar will be one fantastic prize to win!

With the £1000 cash to help the winner pay for tax/insurance we'd hope it'll be one of those prizes that's kept and enjoyed ... it really is something special. 

Full Details:

  • 2018 (68) Plate Range Rover Velar + £1000 Cash
  • P250 HSE R-Dynamic 
  • Only 6,611 Miles 
  • Sourced From Main Dealer Land Rover 
  • 2 ½ Years Warranty Remaining 
  • Petrol 2.0L Engine
  • 8 Speed Automatic 
  • 250 BHP 
  • Corris Grey Metallic 
  • R-Dynamic Black Pack
  • HSE Model
  • 20 Way Electric Hot/Cold/Massage Front Seats 
  • 21" Gloss Black 10 Spoke Alloys 
  • Privacy Glass 
  • Light Oyster Grey/Ebony Leather Interior
  • Black Headlining 
  • Day Time Running Lights
  • Dual Touchscreen System
  • Driving Modes 

There's too much to list here - but it's a high spec model with a host of optional extras giving this Velar that special feel and a prize you won't be disappointed with! 

Good luck! 

Max 30 entries per person. 




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