£20,000 Ambers Army Fund Raiser #2 – £2000 In Prizes

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Drawn: Thu 18th August 2022 20:10




  • 1st Prize: £500 Rev Comps Credit
  • 2nd Prize: £250 Rev Comps Credit
  • 3rd Prize: £250 Rev Comps Credit
  • Runner Up Prizes: 20 x £50 Rev Comps Credit winners



£2.00 to enter per ticket.

The first one sold out so fast that lots of Rev Head’s missed the chance to enter – so we’re doing another one. 

Collectively spending a little can change this little girl’s story and make her time as exciting and fruitful as possible. 

In total you will have raised £30,000 for this cause – which will really help to complete Amber’s bucket list in style. 

All funds raised (£20,000) goes to Amber’s Army to fulfil bucket list dreams of 8 year old Rev Head Amber Sheehy, who sadly has a terminal Medulloblastoma Cancerous Brain Tumour.

You can read all about the fundraiser on Go Fund Me here

View the Go Fund Me Page Here 

You get a chance to win some Rev Comps credit and a little girl will fulfil some of her bucket list dreams. 



Back in May 2021, long time Rev Head Jon Sheehy won a Mini Cooper from us. 

At the time he said it would bring some smiles to his family as they were going through a tough time due to their little girl Amber having cancer, with money tight, the win was a help and it brought a much needed uplift to their situation. 

Fast forward a year and we get a message from Jon with an update on Amber. 

I reached out, as a dad myself … the thought of my little girl (and family) going through what they’re going through was soul destroying so offered an ear and someone to talk to if he needed it. 

After some back and forth messages Jon told me the cancer she’d been fighting since she was 5, with success, has sadly come back … now inoperable and terminal. 

They’d been making memories, trying to raise funds to tick off as many bucket list dreams as they could. 

I asked what was left on the bucket list that she’d really love to do. 

A true Rev Head … a ride in a Lamborghini was top of her list. 

After a quick phone call to one of our suppliers, Castle Motors, we had offers from all over for a ride in a Lambo. 

With travel being an issue due to hospital appointments and Amber having good/bad days, a prestige dealership – Roy Humphrey Prestige Cars – local (ish) to the Sheehy’s offered a day out with Lambo rides and a look around all the fancy motors. No charge and happy to help. 

A couple weeks later they went down for a day full of smiles and memory making with loads of nice cars – Amber got her ride in a Lamborghini. Brother Max had a great time as well! 

Tick number one done.

Thank you Roy Humphrey and Castle Motors for making that happen. 

A ride in a helicopter and some of the other bucket list dreams require funding which, despite raising funds themselves, are getting low so we said we’d put together a fund raiser to get a few more of those dreams ticked off the list. 



The £10,000 raised in this fundraiser will help place a smile on a little girls face who has been dealt the worst of the worst and give her experiences that most of us have a lifetime too fulfil. 


It will be donated through the Ambers Army Go Fund Me page after the draw has been completed. 



From dad Jon on his little girls situation:


This is the story of our little warrior daughter Amber.

When Amber was 5 years old she was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma cancerous brain tumour which quickly lead to a full day operation to remove the tumour.

She contracted meningitis following the operation which left her unable to open her eyes or walk for some time.

She then went on to receive proton beam therapy in Germany provided by the amazing NHS and then once home she went through months of chemotherapy.

As a family we thought we had been through the worst until her latest MRI scan showed a new brain tumour that we were told was inoperable and that we should begin making memories with her along with her Brothers Max & Hayden.

Now under the care of the East Anglian Children’s Hospice EACH, we aim to provide her with a lifetime of memories in the time we have left, which is quite some feat.

Amber is beginning to display symptoms which will be managed as they progress but we as a family with our amazing support network are trying to do as much as we can, as quickly as we can and funds are running low.

Amber knows she has another tumour and that’s all an 8 year old needs to know right now. While she has good days, we allow her to be a slightly spoilt 8 year old girl and enjoy life, but she has bad days too and so making the most of the good days is so crucial.

We are getting ideas on what Amber really wishes to do without talking about why too much, she has told us about her dreams of going in a Lamborghini, flying in a helicopter, Barbie’s, days out and makeup & hair (especially as it has all just grown back) just to list a few from the ever growing list.

Amber is a happy, smiling and fun loving little girl but unfortunately a side effect of her illness is a change in mood and emotion which can make life hard for us all and for her to understand quite why she feels that way.



Thanks in advance Rev Heads. 


Robbie & Pete

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