Rev Comps & Covid-19


Following the UK Government LOCKDOWN announcement, here's our clarification on what we'll be doing and how things will run during this initial lock down period.

We've been stock piling prizes in preparation for this as it was bound to happen eventually and as such we've got enough lined up, photographed and ready to go ... to last us/you several weeks at least.

This is going to be a dark time for everyone, as much as we smile and keep the buzz alive it is a worrying time and we'll be carrying on semi-normal as best we can whilst adhering to the rules to keep us safe and do our bit to not spread this virus.

Our draws and chance to win something will bring a bit of excitement to the day, hopefully alleviating a bit of the worry and fear caused by this virus.

We'll continue with our charity donations on the bigger prize draws and will be choosing charities that support vulnerable people, health workers and the like. Any suggestions more than welcome in the comments.

We'll be working safely to protect ourselves and others and having digested the rules on lock down over night and taken it all in we will be running Rev Comps as follows:


🍀 LIVE DRAWS WILL GO AHEAD and there will be winners

LOCK DOWN LIVE DRAWS will take place at our home studio and as such we see no issue with them continuing as normal.

To stick to the groups of two rule - Camera Lady 12 will not take part in draws for the time being.

We'll welcome "Camera Tripod 15" into the studio (suitably wiped down first) for the foreseeable future.



Having spoken at length with our car and bike delivery partners and taking note of the rules updated on the news - deliveries to winners will continue.

Unless the winner would rather wait to receive their prize, is ill or has a vulnerable person at home and would prefer to take it at a later date - we will work with the winners on this.

Online sales and deliveries of items have not been stopped.

Buying a ticket online and having a potential delivery is within the rules of lockdown as it seems for the time being.

Unless this drastically changes in the coming days then prizes will go out.

Collection of prizes will not be allowed as to adhere to the rules on working and essential travel. You cannot travel to us to collect a prize.

In the event a prize cannot be delivered, it will be stored safely, fully insured until it is able to be delivered.

All prizes will be suitably wiped down before leaving us and prior to delivery to the winner.


🍀 LIVE demo's of cars, bikes, vans etc will stop

Going out and having a laugh is all well and good but we will be responsible here for the safety of us and others.

We won't be going out unnecessarily, making live videos and showing off the prizes for the time being.



Thank you to you all for playing so far, getting involved and being a part of Rev Comps.

For those on the front line of this: NHS, Police and everyone else who is a key worker and going out to work - thank you and good luck especially to you guys if you enter any draws.

🍀 Stay safe and good luck! 🍀