We're a family run competition company that was founded as a limited company in the UK in 2019.

The two founders, Pete and Robbie Savage have a combined 50+ years of experience in online and physical retailing. 

We are in this business to spread smiles through giving fun stuff away. 

Our company is governed by the rules of the Gambling Commission, to which we adhere explicitly to. 

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram where you'll find live videos showing off the prizes and a general buzz about what's happening here. 


To date we have never failed to draw a competition. 

Most prizes sell out and are drawn within 2 weeks of them going on sale. 

Unlike other sites where prizes are only drawn once all the tickets sell, we have a slightly more aggressive approach. 

We will call an early draw date on a prize once 50% of tickets are sold and move the prize along.

Once we call the draw date we commit to drawing the prize regardless of how many more tickets are sold. 

We will also call slower moving prizes early, before hitting 50% sold, to encourage sales and get them drawn. 

Most prizes reach 50% sold within the first week, or even the first day when very popular. 

We will then call a guaranteed draw for up to 7 days later. 

Good luck!

You can enter each competition a maximum of 10 times per person. 

However, this may be reduced for low odd / low ticket competitions. 

See individual competition pages for details. 

Unless otherwise stated, it is 10 per person, per competition. 

After all entries for a competition have been collected, the draw is closed and entries will be posted in spreadsheet format on our website and Facebook page within 24 hours. 

The sheet will include your name and allocated ticket number/s. 

We will announce a live draw date upon which we will live stream on Facebook. The winner will be chosen using either:

1) Our lottery ball machines 

2) Google's Random Number Generator. 

Larger prizes such as a car will typically be drawn with the ball machine. 

Smaller prizes and free competitions run on our Facebook page will use the number generator. 

Both methods are completely random. 

The live video will then be posted on our website. 

After and/or during the draw the winner/s will be contacted by phone to arrange delivery or collection of their prize. 

We're based in Devon in a town called Paignton. We offer free nationwide delivery to the winner or the prize can be collected. 

No. We use Facebook as a platform to stream our live draws and have a laugh along the way with our audience. We'd love you to join us on our page but we understand that not everyone has Facebook or wants to use it. 

Our live draws will be posted on the website within 24 hours of them being drawn and winners will be contact shortly after the draw by phone and email. 

So no, you don't need Facebook to participate and you're not at a disadvantage if you don't have it.