September 09, 2019 1 min read

Allison Williams from Durham became our second winner to win TWICE with number 777 on the Honda Civic, having previously won our Fiat 500 draw a couple months ago. 

With only 300-400 unique entrants per vehicle prize it's going to happen again and again with people winning more than once. The luck of the draw! 

In a twist of events ... 

After the draw Allison said she’d been contacted by a couple different people who offered to buy it straight off her. 

One of the guys who messaged, Lee Millburn from Telford, was actually going to buy the Civic before we bought it and so entered to win instead. 

Long story short Allison sold the Civic to Lee, who came down on the 8th September and collected the car directly from us (photo below). Getting a bargain price from Allison meant he got his dream car for less than he was going to originally pay. Winner! 

Turns out Allison likes to spread the luck around, not only giving Lee a bargain ... she called us and said she was going to use some of the money from the car sale to buy her cousin, who isn’t very well at the moment, a mobility car so she can get out and about, take the kids out and be more independent again. 

We were sent a video by Allison, of her cousin receiving this awesome present. 

Enjoy your car and new found freedom Tracey Hilder! 

You’ve got one very, very generous (and lucky) cousin 🙂 

You can watch this touching video here.

Lee Millburn with his Honda Civic Type R dream car



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