December 05, 2020 2 min read

This Friday we're giving away over £4000 worth of tech, vouchers, tools and booze in our FREE Friday bonus draw: 


🍀 Simply BUY TICKETS on our normal vehicle and watch prizes.

🍀 You'll get 1x tech draw entry for every ticket purchased on our main prizes.


So this Friday 11th December we'll be giving away over £4,000 worth of free prizes.

Up for grabs - for free:

  • Latest Model Apple 13" Macbook Pro - £1299
  • LG 70" 4K UHD Smart TV (£699)
  • Playstation 5 (Digital) (£500)
  • £500 Amazon Voucher (£500)
  • Xbox Series S (£400)
  • Makita Twin 18V Drill Set (£295) 
  • Doghouse Distillery Gin Bundle (£200)
  • Doghouse Distillery Gin Bundle (£200)

Note: We've paid over the odds for the games consoles as they're out of stock everywhere. 

LG TV Model - 70UN74006LA



£1000 every week will also go to a charity and we'll take suggestions from you all to form a charity list. A winner will then be picked from that list - crossed off so other's get a chance the following week.

🛑 Tickets purchased up to MIDNIGHT THURSDAY will be included in that Friday's draw.

💥 Tickets bought after midnight on Thursday will go into the following weeks draw. So you'll always be entered into a bonus draw.

😁 No further purchase necessary and nothing to claim. Buy a ticket on main prizes and you're in the tech draw.

💥 We'll draw numbers with the highest value prizes going to those first drawn, down to the last numbers receiving the lower value prizes.

🤝 Every week there'll be different prizes to win in our light hearted Friday draw.

😱 Any main prize that has sold out before Friday's draw will also be drawn. So fast selling prizes will be drawn on Friday - everything else drawn on the Monday.

✌️ Some weeks we will run more expensive prizes, surprises and interesting stuff - holidays, driving experiences etc etc.


Every week you can suggest prizes that you'd like to win on the Friday and we'll keep a shopping list going.

Prizes will typically be shipped directly from Amazon/Curry's/Apple etc to the winner unless it's something special that we've bought in.

🤝 Winners of the bigger prizes will be called live.
🤝 Smaller prize winners will receive a text to the number on file or email.



    Cheers all!

    Hope you like this weeks selection and remember - there's nothing more to purchase to enter this draw - just buy tickets as normal on the main prizes.

    Good luck!