January 24, 2021 2 min read

This Monday 25th January we're giving one of you a FREE chance to win a £4000 "wheeled prize" of your choice. 

The winner can choose £4,000 worth of car, bike, van, quad bike, push bikes, electric bike/s, first car with insurance, £4k paid towards the finance on their current car, new alloys and bits to pimp their current car, £4k towards a trade in on their car and so on. 

The winner can choose their own vehicle local to them and we'll pay for it, or if they want a more expensive car we'll put the £4k towards that. 

If you want a family selection of push bikes to take away the Covid blues then you can pick a load of those. 

As long as it's got wheels and is vehicle related rather than being just cash then the choice is yours! 



🍀 Simply BUY TICKETS on our normal vehicle and watch prizes.

🍀 You'll get 1x free pick your own draw entry for every ticket purchased on our main prizes.





£1000 every week will also go to a charity and we'll take suggestions from you all to form a charity list. A winner will then be picked from that list - crossed off so other's get a chance the following week.

🛑 Tickets purchased up to MIDNIGHT SUNDAY will be included in this Monday's draw.

💥 Tickets bought after midnight on Sunday will go into the following weeks draw. So you'll always be entered into a bonus draw.

😁 No further purchase necessary and nothing to claim. Buy a ticket on main prizes and you're in the tech draw.

💥 We'll draw numbers with the highest value prizes going to those first drawn, down to the last numbers receiving the lower value prizes.

🤝 Every week there'll be different prizes to win in our light hearted Friday draw.

😱 Any main prize that has sold out before Friday's draw will also be drawn. So fast selling prizes will be drawn on Friday - everything else drawn on the Monday.

✌️ Some weeks we will run more expensive prizes, surprises and interesting stuff - holidays, driving experiences etc etc.




Good luck!