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We held a live draw on the 5th August for 4 big prizes and a charity bike draw. 

Well done to everyone who got involved on the charity bike draw ... we raised a total of  £11,877.03 by raffling off the Specialized race bike! 



We've covered the card fees and the £1000 in runner up cash prizes for the draw. 


Thanks to all for getting involved on that one - all of the money will be donated to The Bike Network who recondition push bikes and give them to hospitals who then hand over to cancer patients to help on their road to recovery. 

5th August Draw Results
  • KTM 1090 Adventure - #827 - Martin Redgewell-Flack, Sutton At Hone
  • Nissan 370z Nismo - #5356 - James Minton, Leatherhead
  • KAHN Range Rover - #5223 - Sheamus Morrison, Manchester
  • Ariel Atom - #2522 - Steve Cutter (Curret), Abbotsley
  • Specialized Bike - #4943 - Matt Vickery, Exeter
  • £500 Runner up cash - #3036 - Damien Barrell
  • £500 Runner up cash - #4428 - Nicholas Youds
£100 website credit David Caris
£25 Website Credit Tris Tan
£50 Website Credit Mark Robinson
hoodie Jimmy Heath
hoodie Rikki Phillippo
hoodie Ellie Challen
hoodie Andrew Norris
Hoodie Craige Dyer
hoodie Victor Ascherl
hoodie Robyn Taylor
hoodie Andrew Payne
hoodie Paul Roberts
hoodie Nadia Wong Balawakula
hoodie Paul Cosgrove
hoodie Matt Howard
hoodie Terri Benamore
hoodie Dave Heron
hoodie Ryan Dennison
hoodie Daniel Lovett
hoodie Tim Bird
Hoodie Marc Callaway
hoodie George Cunningham
Hoodie Lsu Hire
hoodie Mark Hunt
BMW 320d Ticket Darren Vincent
BMW 320d Ticket Martin Gregory
Diavel Ticket Richard Smith
Diavel Ticket Matt Roscoe
GSXR 1000 Ticket Julie Westley
GSXR 1000 Ticket Kathleen Esposito
GSXR 600 Ticket Jane George
GSXR 600 Ticket Natalie Cheetham
Merc C63 ticket Martyn Bell
Merc C63 Ticket Viv Bavin
Triumph Ticket Julie Westley
Triumph Ticket Lewis Deacon
XR1000 Ticket Louis McGarry
XR1000 Ticket Sarah Walker
We played darts and hit 18 - hence why there's so many hoodies tonight!
Hoodie winners - message your size and address
Credit winners - we'll message you a code to use
Ticket winners we'll enter you in the draw to win tickets on it
Cheers everyone and massive well done to everyone for raising just shy of £12,000 for The Bike Network :-)
What a corker!
Cheers all!



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Matt fielding
Matt fielding

August 10, 2020

This draw was something special! £12k to charity shows how real and down to earth rev comps are! 5* quality!

Matt fielding
Matt fielding

August 10, 2020

Great comp. great prizes. Great wins! And best of all best entertainment keep it up rev comps!

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