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28th March Live Draw RESULTS
  • Land Rover Discovery - 12391 - David Jenkins
Turns out David was 12 hours through a 14 hour shift as a health care worker when we rang him during the draw ... a well deserved win.
£500 runner up cash - 13267 - Richard Parfitt
£250 runner up cash - 11866 - Andrew Gibbon
£100 website credit - Darren Rowley
£50 website credit - Mark Buttigieg
£25 website credit - Joe Nelson
Hoodie - Mark Leaver
Hoodie - Alan Hadlington
Triumph T3 ticket - Kate Angus
Defender 90 ticket - Paul Roebuck
Suzuki GSXR 750 ticket - Chris St Helena Benny
Mercedes E350 ticket - Ania Walxzyk
Thanks to everyone for buying tickets and making these draws possible and for all those who get involved on the lives.
On a serious note, Robbie doesn't live with Pete and Camera Lady 12 (who live together) and the draw last week trying to keep 2m distance just didn't work. It wasn't as good without camera lady 12 so Rob wore a mask and goggles, brought Camera Lady 12 back into the mixer and hands have been washed after the draw.
It's easy to not take Corona seriously, it all seemed like a bit of a jolly and an over reaction to begin with but we personally know two people now who are critically ill in hospital with this terrible virus. Neither have health issues and neither are really old (both only around 50).
So it does hit home how real this is.
We joke around and take the mick quite a lot with other things but wearing a mask tonight was seriously to minimise the risk of spread. I've still got it on now as I sit here typing this out.
Stay safe everyone and we'll see you all next week.
Robbie & Pete



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April 19, 2020

Sorry to hear the bad news about the people you know. Send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Charlie & Pamela Olliffe.

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