May 25, 2020 2 min read 5 Comments

  • Audi A5 Sportback - #515 - Luke McDonald, Pontefract


  • Honda Fireblade - #328 - David Boyes, Ottery St Mary


  • Aprilia RSV4 - #337 - Peter Coombes, Hasslemere


  • 2017 BMW X5 - #20322 - Chris Crooks, Glenroathes


  • Nissan GTR - #12766 - James Radnor, Telford
£6,000 Website Credit Giveaway - 600,000 Points
We're a year old today!
As a thank you to everyone who's ordered from day one to the last ticket on tonight's draw we're giving the following people 50,000 points (£500) to spend on the website.
Number generator ran from our first ever order #1002 - 240,411 (last order on the Fireblade today)
Order number followed by name:
  • #136578 - Jason Grisdale
  • #23443 - Mike Reid
  • #191542 - Bruce Wilson
  • #186411 - Anthony Pemberton
  • #233378 - Nigel Costermills
  • #131586 - Charlie Pearce
  • #147533 - Shane Basten
  • #11630 - Scott Williams
  • #210485 - Bobby Brown
  • #153449 - Ian McPhail
  • #227892 - Dave Chadwick
  • #15686 - Warren Higgs
Website credit, tickets and hoodie comment draw:
  • £500 website credit Ian Coles


  • £100 website credit Niki Harbisher


  • £25 website redit Madeleine Nichols


  • £50 website credit John Doc


  • hoodie Adam Sugden


  • hoodie Ian Regan
Audi TT Ticket Aaron Manning
Audi TT Ticket Kathleen Esposito
CB1000F Ticket Wayne Small
CB1000F Ticket Stephen Hooper
CRV Ticket Hayley Firman
CRV Ticket David Hall
KTM Ticket Mike Morris
KTM Ticket Ashleigh Roebuck
Speed Triple Ticket David Caris
Speed Triple Ticket Deborah Siobhan Leach
Massive congratulations to all of tonights winners
Thank you again to everyone for getting involved and making Rev Comps into what it is 1 year from our first draw for a Honda Fireblade (fitting!) and good luck to everyone on future draws.
Website credit winners - we'll message you
Hoodie winners - message us with size and address
Ticket winners - we'll enter you into the relevant draws
Cheers all!



5 Responses

Thelma Dicker
Thelma Dicker

June 03, 2020

Very high recommend to all my friends

Nic Smith
Nic Smith

June 03, 2020


My first time entering thanks for the concise email with all the people and where they live makes a difference I think will definitely enter your comps again some just take you entry and you have to troll through their site to actually see who won definite breath of fresh air as these comp sites are springing up all over.

Kind regards


Alan frampton
Alan frampton

June 03, 2020

Although I didn’t win in the bank holiday draws I appreciate and thank you for giving me a free entry
Thanks Revcomps 🤘🏻

John Allen
John Allen

June 03, 2020

What a Fantastic gesture to celebrate your 1st Birthday..👍😃🎂
Would have been even better to get 1 of the 12 prizes – but c’est la vie.
Have a great 2nd year..and some excellent prizes..👏👏👏


June 03, 2020

Even though I did not win anything thanks for putting me in the draw makes it feel right that I started entering your draws me I’m waiting for the fatbob. Or maybe a goldwing or something of that type lol thanks again and good luck to your site in the future

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